Welcome to J&B.
My husband and I started this business in 2006. With one greenhouse 32' X 96' and a dream of creating awesome baskets and containers for people. After the first year and such good response we added a second greenhouse. Business has been so good with the flowers that we have expanded our business to fresh vegetables. Not just fresh but ORGANICALLY grown, and this next year we can become certified. We have a 120 acre farm with 5 acres designated to the organic growing.
Because of my love of doing up basket combination and growing beautiful lush plants from babies, I am hoping to branch our business into the wholesale. Also this coming spring I will have a huge selection of the most sought after perennials.
Below I have posted a photo of what one of the greenhouses looked like inside.
Here are photo's of some of the combo's I do. My combo's are Proven Winner's plants.
Here's pumpkin time at J&B's
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